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Industrial duct cleaning:

The Ventilation System

New Season HVAC specializes in the industrial duct cleaning. The industrial ventilation system that includes lint, dust, debris and bacteria can be harmful for the employees that work there and that will lead to decrease their productivity and competitiveness and cause headache, allergies and respiratory infections etc.

In order to prevent all those problems from happening New Season HVAC has the required equipment to resolve any issues that come your way we use forward and reverse airbrushes , compressors , vacuums and air scrubber to clean the ventilation , we sanitize the duct and we use disinfectant fogging machine in the Ventilation system to kill the bacteria and prevent allergy and improve the indoor air quality this will help to increase the productivity of the employees , create healthy environment and enhance growth .

The Installations:

In the Industrial duct cleaning the Installation plays a legitimizing role in improving the Indoor air quality, enhancement of the lifetime of the equipment and the capability of the effectiveness and efficiency that lacks with the old equipment. The installation will improve the energy bills and will create a fresh atmosphere to the employees that will lead to production and productivity.

The Hose needs to cleaned every 2 years while for the HEPA filters it expires after 3 months every 3 months the filter needs to be exchanged because it will affect the furnace thus it will hinder the quantity of heating that will come out of the ducts making the air flow navigate negatively and will create poor indoor air quality which is bad for the employees and the environment.


New Season HVAC also Installs New duct hose, HEPA filters and vents that are found to be faulty. We make sure everything is clean, clear and working.



After completing industrial air duct cleaning New Season HVAC will inspect every duct that is cleaned properly, examines the air flow and the indoor air quality, check the ventilation system if they are producing enough heat and also test the furnace see if the HEPA filter has been exchanged we make sure everything is working in a safely manner. Because of Covid-19 New season HVAC Has adopted the social distancing and face mask, shield as a priority for our customer health and satisfaction we wear gloves, masks, shield, booties and we practice physical distancing to fight and protect and save the people.

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